Website Design

Website Design Services

We can create the website of your dreams whether you need a personal, professional or educational website. Our services are especially beneficial to those who lack the skills or time to create a professional, high quality, dynamic website.  

Why have a website?

There are (3) three main types of websites that we design and they serve different purposes. For example:

  • A PERSONAL website - is often used to express thoughts, ideas or even advertise skills or abilities
  • A BUSINESS website - is essentially a storefront for your business and gives clients and customers access to the services and products you offer as well as a way to contact you
  • An EDUCATIONAL website - usually offers interesting information on a particular subject or category

Key Features

Tailor Made

Custom made websites are created as per clients specification.

Responsive Design

Websites are designed for optimal viewing on any device.


Search Engine Optimization is used to make your website more visible online.

Custom Domain 

Have a professional online presence with your own domain

Take Ownership

The Multi-Page website is conveniently priced at just $100.00/per page (with a five page minimum $500.00) giving you the opportunity to completely own your online presence.

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